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UNION: Ultra-versatile Nanoparticle Integration into Organized Nanoclusters   Latest News
UNION will develop nanoparticle (NP) assembly techniques, and assembly monitoring technologies to prepare novel hierarchically-ordered nanoparticle clusters (NPCs). By improving control over the synthesis and assembly of NPs we will produce materials with tailored and predictable properties. Furthermore, by incorporating hierarchical control into the assembly (through the type, size and spatial distribution of the NPs) it will be possible to assess the influence of the hierarchy on properties and develop new functionalities. This will enable tuning of the primary NP properties and the assembly processes to develop significant breakthroughs in nano-devices and next generation complex nanotechnology products.
UNION Industry Workshop, 3rd June 2015
The UNION project are holding an Industry Workshop at IREC in Barcelona on the 3rd June 2015. The workshop will comprise of a session on Nanomaterials for industrial applications for both Thermoelectric and Nanostructured materials and a session on Nanomaterials for bio applications. More details to follow.
UNION Final Project Event, September 2015
UNION are holding a symposium at the 2015 E-MRS Fall Conference in Warsaw, Poland in September 2015. More information about the E-MRS Fall Meeting here
UNION Newsletter Issue 1
The first UNION Newsletter - Issue 1 Winter 2013/Spring 2014 is availble, containing an overview of UNION, who is involved in UNION and details of a UNION EHS / LCA Training Workshop. To view the Newsletter, click here

UNION Overview Video on YouTube
A video providing an overview of the UNION Project has been uploaded to YouTube. To view the video click here

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The UNION project is now live on Twitter at @UNION_FP7

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UNION is on Facebook, follow us here

UNION will achieve its objectives through a three stage approach

  • Improved NP preparation providing optimised surface chemistry for subsequent assembly
  • Novel NPC formation (hierarchical nanoparticle assembly) methods
  • Roll-out of NPCs for three application areas

NPC applications will be developed within three core areas corresponding to the different hierarchical structural levels; in suspensions of individual NPCs (biomedical), in supported 2D NPC arrays (optical), and in 3D arrays or nanocomposites (thermoelectric).

Our consortium is comprised of multidisciplinary research groups involving 8 partners with expertise in preparation and application of nano-materials. It includes significant industrial participation with 4 companies with specific knowledge and testing capability for the target application areas.

UNION FP7 Project Overview Video  

Video Description
Overview of the UNION FP7 Project
Video Uploaded: 10 April 2014
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  This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 310250.
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